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Core Banking Solutions S.A.Info Technology Core Banking is a comprehensive and integrated solution which helps banks overcome the challenges of intense competition, reduced margins and increased customer expectations by creating a unique competitive advantage by addressing all the core needs of banks and built upon improved profitability and an extended customer reach.

Core Banking solutions S.A.Info Technology provides the complete building blocks of business functionality of core banking, enabling users to configure products and processes flexibly in order to adapt to a dynamic environment. With a 360-degree single source view into customer accounts, banks can empower customers with relevant information and delight them with the right offerings, presented at the right time through the right channel.

With S.A.Info Technology Core Banking solution, banks gain a cost advantage through straight-through processing and exception handling. In addition, the solution supports regulatory requirements in key markets through a highly secure data management system, which can easily integrate with third-party solutions at your bank.

S.A.Info Technology Core Baking application architecture supports agile and business processes management, service-oriented architecture and a Web services-based model. It enables integration of all third-party applications, including in-house banking software, to facilitate simple and complex business processes.

You can automate your banking operations and link them to a large set of Web services within the S.A.Info Technology core banking suite.

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