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S.A.Info Technology Technologies believes that integration of quality and development processes is an established practice for the outsourcing and off-shoring industry. Our project managers are trained on various QoS processes such as ISO 9000, and SEI CMM and have managed large software engineering teams for Fortune 500 corporations in the USA. They understand the dynamic nature of current QA requirements and have devised unique processes to actively monitor and ingrain them in our QA services and processes.

Our Quality Focus

Our Total Quality Approach integrates quality processes across the organization, including

  • Management
  • Resources
  • Structured Continuous Improvement
  • Team based
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Testing
Our Simple and Proven Quality Processes
  • Full adherence to customers in-house processes
  • On-demand integration of all documentation and software processes
  • Full Requirements, Design and Test Documentation and Results Supplied
  • Full compliance to ISO 9000 and or SEI Software Capability Model

We believe that QA has everything to do with processes, rigor and detail elements that are deeply rooted in our approach and philosophy.

Our Quality Management System Highlights
  • Our software development processes are designed to meet our client's requirements, including mission critical applications and products that will not accept any form of downtime whatsoever
  • Our software development processes define a mandatory set of policy documents, procedures, guidelines, checklists, process lifecycle models, tools, information on projects, tips and lessons, best practices, training materials, project metrics and other assets of reusable value derived from ISO 9001: 2000, Software CMM Level 5 processes. This enables us to provide cost effective software to our valued clients
  • We utilize IEEE standards and guidelines for software life cycle management
  • We follow stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures and have got a comprehensive system of internal audits to ensure high performance software to our customers
  • We have a genuine, participatory approach towards process improvements and like to get involves in the process improvement projects. We also reward and recognize our people whenever they are part of a change-process environment
  • We foster independent and dedicated quality groups. We have a clinical approach towards separation of engineering and quality assurance teams. We continue to refine our processes and our quality teams share these changes with our employees. This ensures that our customers get the benefit of cutting-edge and updated processes everytime.
1. System Testing
We believe in the adage Test early, Test often and Test with an open mind

2. Testing Stages
We plan multiple stages of tests during development, including
  • Unit testingIndividual components are tested (Module Testing)
  • Related groups of dependent components are tested (Sub-system testing)
  • Modules are integrated into sub-systems before being tested. The focusinterface testing system
  • Testing of the system as a whole, testing of emergent properties and acceptance testing
  • Testing with customer data to check acceptability

3. Our Testing Philosophy
We combine development with sustained testing. We believe that writing codes is far simpler than writing zero-error codes our rigorous testing process include
  • Classic regression test
  • Automatic testing
  • Yields unambiguous pass/fail
  • Test cases added for all new failures
  • Run on all platforms of interest
  • Test early, Test often

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